Monday, January 19, 2009

"The Change is In" from Fernando

Check out Rich's excellent piece on Fernando in today's issue of the Vanguard for the full story and in the meantime here's a few words from the man himself:

Banana Keeper saves civilization

I was fooling around today on Starfucker's myspace (one of the many activities I enjoy whilst pretending to work) when I was suddenly struck by a mysterious picture sitting just below the "Sounds Like" heading. What was this strangely phallic object? Why, it was the miraculous invention known as the Banana Keeper!

Apparently banana protection is a problem for the general public as there are multiple variations on this bizarre product ranging from the goofy to the overtly dildo-esque.

No longer will our bananas be subject to inopportune bruising. No longer will my repressed homosexuality have to be manifest itself through repeated viewings of Bromance. The age of the Banana Keeper is upon us!

More Mad Men!!

Fortunately for fans of period drama/blatant sexism, Mad Men will be returning to AMC this summer helmed by series creator Matthew Weiner.

Until very recently the question of whether or not he would return was up in the air as the mastermind behind the Sterling Cooper-verse apparently demanded a hefty seven figure income to stay on with the show. Thankfully, some form of a deal has been reached which will include that seven figure paycheck and is also reported to entail a movie development deal with Lionsgate (fingers crossed on that one).

In the mean time I can sit back and let my dorktastic excitement for season 3 slowly build to fever pitch.

Speaking of blatant sexism: