Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weights that wear tights and shout at you (encouragingly)

Members of Gymbox in Bank, central London, can choose to lift any of five differently sized "human weights".

Wearing Lycra catsuits which label their weight, they sit on specially adapted machines and shout words of encouragement.

The "dumbbells" include two dwarfs – 32-year-old Arti Shah, who weighs just 4.5 stones (30kg) and 64-year-old Mike Edwards, who weighs 8 stones (55kg).

At the other end of the scale for those with stronger muscles is 24 stones (155kg) Matt Barnard, 37.

Gymbox owner Richard Hilton said: "A lot of our members felt that lifting metal weights was boring and not especially motivating.

"They said that they had no idea what they were lifting."

Full story at the Telegraph

Miley Cyrus colonizes another cultural outlet

Since the target demographic of this blog is tweens (obviously) I feel obligated to report on the imminent Miley Cyrus movie that is coming dangerously close to a release date.

According to the trailer, "Hannah Montana: The Movie" will involve the following elements (in no particular order): Tyra Banks, cows, a blonde wig, shoe fighting, agrarianism, soul patches, product placement, and shame.

To see these things in their glorious and horrifying element take a look at the (unfortunately un-embedable) trailer.

I'm already prepping my lawsuit for their shameless aping of my fan fiction.

Prop 8 The Musical

I know this is about a month old but, in light of Obama's moving inauguration speech about turning the country around, I thought this was an appropriate post for anyone that hasn't already seen this video.