Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mindloop is moving!

Hello everyone!

This post is to let you know that Mindloop will be changing location to the Vanguard's new and improved blog.

Check us out!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Deep house with SNL

Everything about this video feels kind of wrong but so, so right at the same time:

Anna Ternheim at the Doug Fir

Swedish musician Anna Ternheim played the Doug Fir this past weekend to an eager crowd, instilling a sense of quiet reverence from her audience. Her delicate voice, coupled with a solid backing band comprised of members from Loney, Dear, balanced out into sheer perfection as Ternheim crooned into the dimly lit venue.
Her third studio album, Leaving On Mayday was released on Aug. 11 and showcases her talent not only as a musician and singer, but also as a lyricist. On “Damaged Ones,” she painfully draws out the lines “what keeps you from moving / are you afraid to be loved? / See how my hands shake / I was raised on it like a drug.”
Her expressive voice tugs at your heart, compelling the listener to stay riveted to the sound of her voice sings out over intricate baselines, delicate string parts and atmospheric percussion.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Lenny Kravitz made cooler with the power of Justice

So this is kind of cool. I'm not a huge fan of Lenn Kravitz and his work, but Justice seems to have jazzed this song up enough to make it more interesting. The video is pretty funny too Reminds me a little of Twin Peaks meets West Side Story. I couldn't embed the video, but you can find it here.

The hots for Romero

Forget about Zombieland. I'm excited for the Crazies. A remake of Romero's original 1973 flick, it takes several of my favorite things (infectious diseases, violence and zombie-like creatures) and wraps them all up into a bloody, messy package. The writing will probably be less than amazing (we can't all be 28 Days Later, now can we?), but man the trailer looks creepy:

Introducing Gwen the homeless doll

That’s right. In a move of art, er, toys, imitating life, Mattel has released it’s newest doll, Gwen Thompson, a homeless doll. I knew times in America were hard on a lot of folks, but now dolls too!

According to the book that comes with Gwen, her father lost his job and then left the family. Eventually Gwen and her mom were unfortunately evicted, and now have to sleep in a car.

I suppose this is a good thing. Since homeless populations are on the rise in the country, and unemployment hitting all-time highs, there should be a doll that speaks to the homeless children of our nation. Oh, wait … the Gwen Thompson homeless doll cost $95! I guess then, Gwen is a great tool for educating rich kids about those folks they see on the street, as they ride by in their stretched limos.

Hey, if rich kids can afford to buy a homeless doll, why not take it a step further, and just rent a homeless person to play with until they get tired of it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

OMG More about bikes!

So, in a crazy turn of events, the Flaming Lips are apparently filming a music video in Portland and they want YOU to be in it. had this to say:

The plan for the shoot makes Portland’s annual naked bike events sound fairly run of the mill. “I’m having one of my giant space bubbles covered in fake fox fur,” [Wayne] Coyne said. “Its going to look like some giant fur egg, and the people on bicycles are gonna sort of be born and erupt out of this fur, vaginalistic thing.”
Coyne in a “giant space bubble.”

...The video is being made for the final song, called “Watching the Planets,” on the Flaming Lips’ upcoming album appropriately titled Embryonic. The song is “an epic…march, almost. It goes on this hypnotic groove,” Coyne said. The video’s concept is still emerging: “Maybe I’ll even get naked for the video, too. I don’t even know how it ends — maybe it ends with them all getting clothed and making me get naked and shoving me back into the giant fur egg. I just came up with that right now.”

The shoot is from 10am to 10pm on Wednesday, September 23rd. Participation is on a drop-in basis. The sign-in table will be the basketball courts near the top of Mount Tabor.

Giant fur egg? Simulated birth? I'm there...

I went to the naked bike ride. It was amazing. Getting the Flaming Lips and a camera involved could only make that kind of situation more epic.