Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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Dakota Fanning: the Interview

In addition to his top notch interviews with Neil Gaiman and Henry Selick at this past week's premier of Coraline (check out today's Vanguard to read 'em), Jeff Hammond also got to chat with one Dakota Fanning about her role as Coraline's title character and other such shenanigans. Read on...

Vanguard: So when did you initially record your lines for Coraline?

Dakota Fanning (DF): I've been working on this for like five years so I've had a lot of recording sessions.
VG: Did you get to visit the set at all?

DF: I did, yeah it was fascinating to be able to see the models and the clothes that are on the models and the sets, which are so real … they're made out of, I don't know what the material actually is, but it’s different faces and they take them on and off and they move the faces, it's really incredible.

VG: When you were recording your lines, were you given something you could look at to get an idea of what your character was experiencing?

DF: They brought some of the models so I could see what some of the other characters looked like … when I did my first recording session, they hadn't even started filming yet, they were still building everything. So I didn't really have a lot to go off of but it really didn't matter I don't think, because Henry (Selick, Director) is so descriptive…

VG: When you were working in the recording booth, was Henry there the whole time to sort of coach you?

DF: He was there every time and when he couldn't be there he was on the TV in his office … which was so helpful because he is so specific and he knows exactly what he wants, and it's great to have him there to be able to describe that.

VG: Did you get to meet any of the other cast members before hand to talk about the film?

DF: No, never. The only cast member I’ve met is Teri Hatcher and I have never met her at anything to do with Coraline, I met her at a charity event actually.

VG: When you watch films you do, particularly with animation, how easy is it to detach yourself from watching yourself, is it easier with an animated film?

DF: Maybe, yeah. 'Cause you’re not really looking at yourself, you know? For me when I'm watching movies I’m in or my voice is in, I just kind of watch it as a movie and kind of forget that I’m in it sometimes.

VG: Going off on a bit of a tangent, there have been a lot of rumors going around about you being in New Moon. Have they actually offered you the part already?

DF: Yeah, I definitely hope that it does work out, I would love to be a part of it, I'm a huge, huge fan, so I really hope that I get to play Jane so we'll see … definitely looking forward to it working out, so we'll see, I'm sure everyone will know soon.

VG: So you've also got Push coming out tomorrow right?

DF: I do.

VG: So you filmed a lot in Hong Kong?

DF: The whole thing. I was there for almost three months … I loved it, I really could have stayed for a lot longer, I really enjoyed it.
VG: Since you've got Push and Coraline opening tomorrow, that's two big movies on one day, are you more excited for one or the other?

DF: I'm not you know, I think that they're both kind of geared toward different people so I hope that people enjoy both of them. So much work has gone into both of them, a lot longer has been spent on Coraline, but it's ironic that they're coming out on the same day.