Monday, October 5, 2009

Introducing Gwen the homeless doll

That’s right. In a move of art, er, toys, imitating life, Mattel has released it’s newest doll, Gwen Thompson, a homeless doll. I knew times in America were hard on a lot of folks, but now dolls too!

According to the book that comes with Gwen, her father lost his job and then left the family. Eventually Gwen and her mom were unfortunately evicted, and now have to sleep in a car.

I suppose this is a good thing. Since homeless populations are on the rise in the country, and unemployment hitting all-time highs, there should be a doll that speaks to the homeless children of our nation. Oh, wait … the Gwen Thompson homeless doll cost $95! I guess then, Gwen is a great tool for educating rich kids about those folks they see on the street, as they ride by in their stretched limos.

Hey, if rich kids can afford to buy a homeless doll, why not take it a step further, and just rent a homeless person to play with until they get tired of it.

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