Friday, May 22, 2009

Lego architecture series!! Eeee!!

In addition to my various longstanding gripes with adulthood (water bills, responsibility, general malaise) I have also recently added "not being able to play with legos all the time."

However, the folks at Lego have apparently been reading my fucking mind again as they have recently announced the "Lego Architecture Series" that seems squarely marketed at kick-ass adults such as myself who still want to play with blocks but wish to do so under a flimsy veneer of "culture."

The price range on these puppies is all over the place ($299 for the Taj Mahal, $19.99 for the Space Needle) but with a nerd-gasmic set of designs in the works this could easily be my go-to distraction/reason why I can't pay my heating bills over the next year.

If the following photos don't make you really really excited I probably don't want to know you:

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  1. This Lego architecture brilliant series features some of Wright's most popular designs.