Saturday, February 14, 2009

Portland Cello Project signs to Kill Rock Stars

Wow, the story of the Portland Cello Project just keeps getting more and more outlandish.

First, the collection of classical music nerds starts getting street cred by playing with local indie artists, then they become a completely unlikely musical force in their own right and now they are (to my knowledge) the first "band" of their kind to sign to Kill Rock Stars. It's unlikely, to be sure, but the Cello Project's entire history has been anything but predictable up to this point and I can't think of a more deservedly talented group to join the roster of one of the region's finest labels.

With the forces of Slim Moon and the coolest classical music ensemble in the known world combined the sky is the limit.

Builders and The Butchers with The Portland Cello Project: "Bottom of the Lake" from Douglas Jenkins on Vimeo.

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